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    Songster Records
    SongsterRecords.com is the Record Label / Digital Audio Copyright, and Distribution Entertainment Subdivision of Wayne A. Cargill Agency. Songster Records "Where The Music Becomes You"
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    Bohemian e-Art Gallery
    Bohemian-e-Art.Gallery is the Art Gallery / Digital Image Copyright, and Distribution Entertainment Subdivision of Wayne A. Cargill Agency. Bohemian e-Art Gallery "Art Is Life And Life Is Art".
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    Bibliomania e-Books Online
    Bibliomania-e-Books.Online is the e-Book Publishing, and Streaming Entertainment Subdivision of Wayne A. Cargill Agency. Bibliomania e-Books Online "Reading Into The Future"
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    Cargill e-Comics Streaming
    Cargill-e-Comics.Stream is the Action Adventure Enthusiasts e-Comic Book Publishing, and Streaming Entertainment Subdivision of Wayne A. Cargill Agency. Cargill e-Comics Streaming "For The Action Adventure Enthusiast In You".
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    Ground Zero Technology
    Ground-Zero.Technoloy is the Interactive Gaming Entertainment Subdivision of Wayne A. Cargill Agency. Ground Zero Technology "Leveling The Playing Field"
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    Victoria BC Today
    Victoria-BC.Today is the Geo-Specific Marketing Subdivision of Wayne A. Cargill Agency. Victoria BC Today "Find What You're Looking For".
Client Franchise Agreements
WayneACargll.Online oversees, and drafts all Client Franchise Agreements, as well as all End User License Agreements for all of Wayne A. Cargill Agency Subdivisions. WayneACargill.Online is also the department that ensures both the Client Franchises and End Users  adhear to, and comply with all terms within their respective agreements.
Wayne A. Cargill
  1. Wayne A. Cargill, Wayne Cargill, Wayne A. Cargill ~ Client Scout, ClientScout, Client Scout, client, scout, WayneACargill.Online, architect, Client Franchise, Franchise, agreement, End User, License Agreement
    Client Scout
    As the architect of all our online agreements, it is the duty of the Client Scout to draft, and finalize all Client Franchise Agreements, as well as all End User License Agreements.
"Agree To Agree"